Wagner: Der Ring des Nibelungen (1953)

You want a good, cheap live Ring Cycle with great singing and conducting? Here it is. Clemens Krauss was a complete man of the theater, and every bar of his 1953 Bayreuth Ring crackles with life and dramatic purposefulness. What’s more, his stalwart... Read More | Share it now!

Wagner: Der Ring des Nibelungen 1953 Box Set

Acclaimed by many to be the best “Ring” ever with arguably the greatest cast of Wagner singers ever. The 24 bit remastering means the sound is superb. A must have for fans of “The Ring Cycle”. This is a 13 disc digital audio CD box... Read More | Share it now!

Wagner: The Ring

Unavailable for several years, this classic complete Ring recording now returns triumphantly to the catalogs at budget price! Ring groupies and enthusiasts, who are a very active and vocal subset of opera lovers, argue vigorously over which are the best ... Read More | Share it now!

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