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The Ring Cycle has spawned a large range of assorted products including books, CD’s, DVD’s, posters and paintings. You will find links to further details on these in the drop-down menus under Ring Cycle Products in the navigation bar.

Brunnhilde and the Ring

Brunnhilde and the Ring

There is a huge range of material for fans of the Ring Cycle that can add to your enjoyment of this classic opera by Wagner. There are even people who collect old vinyl recordings as a hobby.

The handmade paintings on canvas, just to look at one category for example, are a unique gift for those who appreciate the work of Arthur Rackham and other illustrators, and can take pride of place on a wall in any home.

The Ring of the Nibelung has been around for nearly 150 years so a lot of associated material has been produced in that time. Numerous books have been written, from translations of the original libretto in German, to in depth analysis of every aspect of the operas themselves and even the author and composer. Many well known artists and illustrators have created wonderful images to accompany texts that help to enhance the reading experience with visual delights. These can also be found as posters and paintings.

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